What to Look for in a New Jersey Freight Shipping Company?

New Jersey trucking companies come a dime a dozen. If you perform a quick search on Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine, you should have no problem finding a list of companies who claim the ability to ship cargo throughout New York, New Jersey, and beyond. 

However, there are substantial differences between an average New Jersey trucking company and the best trucking company. At On Track Freight Systems, we offer several decades of experience helping businesses throughout New York and New Jersey achieve efficient shipping solutions. Let’s take a closer look at what to look for in a New Jersey trucking company.

Experience Counts with Any New Jersey Trucking Company

When it comes to finding the best transportation and logistics companies, very few factors are more critical than experience. Because situations arise in the process of shipping freight, it’s imperative your transportation company understands how to navigate these issues efficiently and effectively. 

At the same time, industry experience and longevity can speak to the quality of the trucking company. The logistics and transportation industries are very competitive and saturated with competitors. 

If a New Jersey trucking company has survived for ten years or more, it’s highly likely they are reliable and trustworthy. In addition to their years of experience, you should also pay special attention to their specialization and field of expertise. The area the company specializes in could be exactly what you’re looking for! 

The New Jersey Transportation Company Should Deliver the Right Freight Services

In business, your needs and your customer’s needs can quickly change. It’s important the New Jersey trucking company you choose has the versatility and flexibility to meet those new needs as they arise. To get started, clearly define and understand the services you need today, such as next-day less than truckload services and full truckload services. 

However, basic shipping services are only the beginning. Your carrier should have the ability to provide value-added services that can be tailored to your on-demand needs. Some of the most common freight shipping services you should expect include:

  1. Liftgate
  2. Inside-delivery
  3. Residential delivery
  4. After-hours pickup or delivery
  5. Weekend pickup or delivery

When you’re considering carriers, make sure to ask if they offer more tailored freight delivery and shipping solutions. 

Customer Service Is Paramount for a New Jersey Trucking Company

While experience is key, customer service is equally as important. An excellent New Jersey transportation company must demonstrate an unwavering commitment to provide the support and answers you need when you need them. 

Make sure you’re clear on how the carrier communicates and that it aligns with your preferred method of communication. Whether you’re requesting a quote or looking for general consultancy, the best NJ carrier should be there to help you expeditiously and respond to your queries on time. 

Your Carrier Should Have a Robust Network

As your business grows, it’s vital to have a carrier who has the equipment and capabilities to meet your needs. Although you may only need next-day LTL services in New York and New Jersey today, your needs can quickly evolve. 

As a result, it’s best to find a transportation service provider that can meet those needs as your business grows. Simply put, a wide network of reputable carriers is a must-have attribute for a company utilizing transportation services, such as:

Shipping Companies Should Have a Demonstrated Commitment to Safety

One often overlooked consideration in choosing the best freight transportation company is their commitment to safety. Each time you ship products through a carrier, you are trusting them to protect and deliver the products as intended. However, if the carrier has a poor safety record or is lackadaisical about safety, it can speak volumes to how they will care for your products. 

At the same time, carriers with poor safety track records tend to have higher insurance costs, which can take the form of higher shipping rates. When choosing a carrier, pay special attention to their driver safety track record. You can also browse the carrier’s site to learn if there are any proactive measures they take to create a culture of safety

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