Our History

On Track Freight Systems was established in 1991 to help local New York, New Jersey, and Long Island business owners overcome geographic boundaries. We run commercial and B2B freight every day on the bulk, wholesale level to provide fast and affordable logistics and trucking solutions. We are a group of dedicated logistics and shipping professionals who specialize in offering tailored solutions.  Let’s take a quick journey back in time to learn more about our history.

The On Track Journey

After helping launch and start a new trucking company back in 1976 at the age of 22, Larry Baynes (one of the founders) actively worked his way from the bottom to the top of the organization. From deliveries, administration, sales, logistics, and more, Larry demonstrated a commitment to learning the transportation business from the inside out. 

Over the course of an illustrious 16-year period, he climbed through the ranks, matriculating up to Executive Vice President. However, market downturns and other factors placed the company under financial duress, which led to a corporate buyout. 

After the company was sold, Larry connected with accomplished entrepreneur and industry expert, Sebastien Duval, to create On Track Freight Systems. While Larry brought the sales and administrative expertise, Sebastian was an experienced trucking owner-operator with a fleet of trucks and drivers. 

Boasting over 50 years of collective trucking experience, Larry and Sebastien set off to elevate the status quo and redefine expectations in the industry. Even though the two had slightly different backgrounds, they both understood the critical importance of putting the customer first. Larry and Sebastien both agreed that On Track Freight System would always strive to provide consistent, on-time service at the most competitive rate in the industry.

And nearly three decades later, the On Track mission remains as clear and in focus as the day it was founded. 

Contact On Track Freight Systems

At On Track, we are proud to be the premier provider of commercial transportation and logistics solutions in the Long Island, New York, and New Jersey area. We’ve grown from humble beginnings to have two centrally-located terminals in Woodbridge, NJ and Deer Park, Long Island. Because of our strategic centers, we are able to provide fast, overnight or same day delivery when requested, throughout the entire New York and New Jersey metropolitan area. In addition, we’ve forged strategic partnerships with leading niche and regional carriers to provide you with the transportation services you require when you need them. Our willingness to partner with several regional and national organizations is a clear demonstration of our unwavering commitment to meeting your needs —no matter where it takes us. 

Contact us today to learn how we can meet your organization’s transportation requirements.