Latest Technology

At On Track Freight Systems, technology has changed and continues to evolve how we move. We strive to utilize the latest technologies to ensure we meet your needs and exceed your expectations at every turn! Moving forward, we’ll continue investing in our information technology infrastructure to meet your needs.

Productivity Technology

At On Track, our goal is to ensure your freight or cargo arrives on time. And to best achieve this goal, we have implemented several innovative solutions to help our drivers get the most from every mile. From state-of-the-art navigation systems to advanced tools for inventory management, we are invested in solutions that deliver the highest value to you.

Latest Technology

Safety Technology

Safety is a core part of everything we do. And to best support our commitment to safety, we’ve incorporated several safety technologies throughout various phases and touchpoints. We utilize different onboard safety systems to help keep our insurance costs down and pass the savings onto you. Our commitment to safety helps reduce distracted driving while offering us more tools to train younger, inexperienced drivers. 

Communication Technology

Another area we have invested in is our technology is communication. Because we understand the importance of end-to-end communication, we have designed a robust network of tools to keep you in the know at all points in the delivery. 

Even when we utilize our partners for delivery, our cutting-edge network of communicative technologies empowers us to maintain constant contact. And because of this constant contact, you’ll be better positioned to manage workflows and inventory. 

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Whether you’re looking to ship freight to New York, New Jersey or anywhere else, the team at On Track Freight Systems offers the technology to simplify and streamline the entire process. 

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