Midwest Trucking Company

At On Track Freight Systems, we are the leading Midwest trucking company and freight carrier. We offer less-than-truckload shipping, full-truckload freight shipping as well as logistics and brokerage solutions to businesses, warehouses, facilities, distribution centers, and more. 

Our expansive coast-to-coast trucking capabilities paired with our dynamic transportation network allows us to provide fast, affordable, and reliable solutions throughout the Midwest:

Our robust network of trucking routes, partner networks, and technology allows us to meet your needs at every turn. Whether you’re shipping LTL freight to the Midwest or FTL freight within the Midwest region, we will help you achieve your logistics goals. Contact us today for your free freight shipping quote in the Midwest.

Midwest Trucking Company - Freight Shipping Service Area

LTL & FTL Freight Shipping Services in the Midwest

If you’re looking for specialized shipping and transportation solutions for the Midwest, On track Freight Systems can help. And when you partner with On Track, we do more than get your cargo or freight from Point A to Point B. We work to solve your unique logistics challenges while making life easier for you and your customers. 

Our highly skilled and trained drivers will assist in every facet of the delivery. Whether it’s making several stops with oversized loads, liftgate, inside delivery, residential delivery, or any other circumstances, we can help.

We offer tailored plans that are centered around you, your client’s needs, and everyone’s expectations. Our fleet includes a robust lineup of state-of-the-art trucks and equipment, which empowers us to use endless creativity when it comes to hauling your freight. 

As the best Midwest trucking company, we service businesses, warehouses, and distribution centers throughout all major cities, metropolitan areas, rural areas, and everywhere in between:

Types of Freight We Ship in the Midwest

Because we are the leading regional Midwest trucking company, we boast the ability to deliver your freight throughout the Midwestern United States and beyond. Regardless of your receiving or shipping requirements, On Track Freight Systems will be with you every step of the way. 

We provide customized logistics services to help businesses, warehouses, distribution centers, and hubs meet their goals with a focus on the best value per transportation dollar. Some of the most common industries we serve in the Midwest are listed below. 

We Are the Best Midwest Regional Trucking Company

At On Track Freight Systems, we never settle and are obsessed with customer service. We are proud to always go the extra mile to achieve your ultimate satisfaction. And our unwavering dedication to customer service excellence is one of the reasons we are the best trucking company servicing in the Midwest. 

While other regional Midwest trucking companies may be larger, no one will work harder for your satisfaction or provide better customer service! In the process, we have developed a unique service model: every time you call into our service center for any reason, you will speak to a real person. 

In addition to live, empowered customer service representatives, we are continually improving and adding new and more innovative ways to meet your needs. No matter what, we will always be responsive, prompt, and meet your needs in a human, relatable way.

Contact On Track Freight Systems for Midwest Logistics Solutions

When it comes to finding the best Midwest trucking company, you have no shortage of options. And while you may find larger trucking companies, no one will deliver the tailored solutions and world-class customer service that has become standard at On Track Freight Systems. 

We specialize in developing unique logistics solutions designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Best of all, our unwavering dedication to customer service excellence is paired with the best value per transportation dollar. 

Contact us today to request your free freight quote.