Save Money with NJ Container Freight Station Pickups

The Port of New Jersey and New York are the East Coast’s largest ports. Together, these substantial ports are responsible for more than 7.4 million TEUs of cargo. The Port of New Jersey is home to a total of nine Container Freight Stations (CFS):

If you allow the customs house broker at your receiving CFS to decide on the trucking company that transports your cargo, you’re most likely overpaying. 

Fortunately, On Track Freight Systems offers fast and affordable next-day delivery freight solutions from the Port of New Jersey and New York. We offer pickup at all of the CFSs in New Jersey and deliver to Long Island daily. Let’s take a closer look at why a growing number of Long Island small businesses are switching to On Track Freight Systems for their CFS pickups.

NYC, Long Island and New Jersey Trucking Company - Freight Shipping Service Area

Stop Overpaying for Container Freight Station Transportation

Most Long Island business owners are surprised to know they can immediately save money on shipping by selecting On Track Freight Systems as their preferred carrier for CFS pickup from the Port of New Jersey. While many business owners in Long Island assume the customs house broker is making the most cost-efficient shipping decision, this is hardly ever the case. 

The customs broker’s primary job is to act on your behalf and help your shipments clear customs. You are likely to pay a hefty premium for anything outside of this core service, especially when they have to source and book transportation to offload your shipment. 

In other words, whenever the customs house broker has to choose a trucking company to offload your shipment, you are paying them a premium.  At the same time, they may not make decisions that are solely in your best interest, which usually results in less-than-competitive shipping rates. 

Save Money with On Track’s CFS Pickup Service

Instead of relying on the customs house broker to handle this cargo offloading transaction, savvy business owners turn to On Track Freight Systems. As the leading local Long Island trucking and logistics company, we offer fast, affordable, and reliable commercial CFS pickup and delivery solutions. We offer efficient trucking solutions for all nine CFS’s: 

We specialize in moving shipments throughout the Long Island, New York, and New Jersey areas. We regularly partner with local Long Island commercial and industrial facilities to help them save money and achieve their logistics goals. And one of the core services we offer Long Island businesses are the CFS pickups.

Get Fast Next Day Delivery for CFS Pickups from the Port of New Jersey

When you need fast, next-day delivery for your CFS pickup from the Port of New Jersey, it makes dollars and sense to have a strategic relationship with a local Long Island trucking company. And for several decades, On Track Freight System has filled this need for Long Island businesses. 

Because we have two strategically located terminals in Deer Park, Long Island, and Woodbridge, New Jersey, we are able to quickly pick up cargo from the Port of New Jersey and deliver it to your Long Island business. 

In addition, we offer highly-competitive rates throughout the New Jersey and Metro New York area. Our next-day CFS delivery service area includes: 

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If you’re allowing your customs house broker to choose a trucking company to transport your shipments, you are overpaying! In addition to potentially paying higher trucking rates with the carrier, the customs house broker is likely charging you a premium for the additional service. 

Instead, it’s best to establish a relationship with a local Long Island trucking company for competitive rates and fast CFS pickup deliveries. Since 1991, On Track Freight Systems has offered affordable, tailored logistics solutions to commercial facilities throughout the U.S. 

Because we are a local Long Island trucking company, we specialize in pickups and deliveries throughout the metro area. This strategic focus area allows us to help local Long Island businesses save money by offering cost-efficient CFS pick-up and delivery services. 

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