Save Money with Economical Flat Rate Pallet Shipping

Similar to parcel shipping, pricing by the pallet simplifies the freight shipping pricing model. Instead of pricing by individual freight size or weight, pricing by the pallet removes the complexity of quoting freight costs and makes the cost to move freight more predictable for small volume and large volume shippers.

On Track Freight Systems Flat Rate Pallet Shipping

On Track Freight Systems offers flat rate pallet shipping regardless of the commodity or freight class. This allows us to provide extra value to our customers especially if they ship heavier products, have consistent volumes of the same freight, and are traveling between the same pickup and delivery points.

Shipping by the pallet allows you to send freight using LTL – an advantage for shippers that do not have a full truckload of freight. This flexibility enables you to move freight more rapidly but without the need for standard LTL quotes for each shipment.

When You Should Consider Our Flat Rate Pallet Shipping

Benefits of Flat Rate Pallet Shipping

Charging by weight can be costly and unpredictable. Carriers that charge by weight take into account the PCF (pounds per cubic foot) or density of the pallet. The National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) assigns a “class” to each commodity based on its value and a few other factors. 

This means that a 500lb pallet of feathers will not cost the same to ship as a 500lb pallet of bricks since the two commodities are classified differently on the PCF scale. This also means that the pallet has to be weighed and if there are discrepancies in the weight, the shipper may end up paying more than they were originally quoted.

Flat pallet rate pricing is simple. At On Track Freight Systems, our flat rate pallet shipping does not take into account the PCF of the pallet and instead charges by the pallet (as long as it is within the standard pallet size guidelines.) Since more freight items can be strapped to a pallet, it’s easy for you to ship freight and for us to quote your price without considering NMFC freight classifications.

Flat rate pallet pricing is more consistent and predictable. Flat pallet rates remove the need for us to require a new quote over and over for what may be the same freight. This saves time for both you as the shipper and us as the carrier.

Once an established flat pallet rate is established, the need for constant requoting and reweighing is removed. Daily quote requests give way to requoting only during review periods or if there is a major change.

Confidently charge customers for shipping costs. For manufacturers, distributors and resellers, flat pallet rate shipping makes it easy to assess freight costs when shipping to your customers, keeping your overall transaction with them more transparent.  

Receive more accurate invoices. Eliminate the guesswork while receiving more accurate freight invoices. Simplified pricing means less focus on the freight description or verified weight and dimensions, avoiding potential disagreements. Since the cubic space taken up by a pallet has become the better measure of our carrier cost vs. weight or classification, flat rate pallet shipping allows us to pass on our savings to you. 

On Track Freight Systems Flat Pallet Rate Pricing

Our flat rate model covers standard pallet sizes up to 1800 pounds in weight.

The standard pallet size is 48” long x 40” wide X 72” tall. Pallets that are larger than these dimensions will need to be quoted separately as there may be an additional cost.

Our Fleet of Trucks

One of our huge advantages is that we are an Asset Based Carrier with a fleet of well-maintained trucks and safety-first drivers. On Track Freight Systems allows you to establish a direct relationship with us, rather than through a broker. This direct channel speeds up communication so that we can move your freight reliably and at a predictable cost each time. 

On Track Freight Systems also offers freight tracking so that you always know where your freight is – at any time.

Contact On Track Freight Systems to Request a Flat Rate Pallet Shipping Quote

At On Track Freight Systems, we understand the value of providing reliable flat pallet rate shipping options. Whether you’re looking for local, next-day New York and New Jersey deliveries or shipments to the other side of the country, On Track Freight Systems can help.Reach out to us today to discuss your options and receive a quote for your freight. We’re here to help you achieve your business goals through our economical pricing and extra services including liftgate and inside delivery.