Reliable LTL Shipping: Less-Than-Truckload Freight Shipping Services

Less-Than-Truckload freight shipping is used for the transportation of smaller freight that doesn’t require a whole trailer or truck. When using LTL shipping services, you’ll only pay for the portion of the truck or trailer that your freight occupies, while the other shippers will pay for the space filled by their freight. 

At On Track Freight Systems, we offer highly-affordable, fast LTL overnight shipping in the New York and New Jersey area. If you’re looking for LTL services throughout the nation, the team at On Track can help! We’ll work closely with our partners to ensure you enjoy the seamless, fast, and affordable national LTL shipping solutions you’ve come to expect from On Track. Contact us today to request LTL rates.

Affordable Next Day LTL Services in New York & New Jersey

New York City is recognized as one of the densest populated municipalities in the United States with a staggering 8 million people and the New Jersey Metro Area isn’t far behind. Needless to say, the New York and New Jersey metro areas are bustling centers of economic activity. Because of this, On Track Freight Systems offers fast and affordable next day less-than-truckload shipping to businesses and commercial customers. 

We work with commercial and industrial facilities across industries to help them achieve their organizational goals. Whether your delivery is in New York or New Jersey, we perform pickups on the same day when you call into our customer service department. All shipments are then delivered the next day. In the event you require a scheduled appointment, we’ll go the distance for you to make the appointment and deliver your freight as specified.

LTL Shipping Service

LTL Special Delivery Services

Do you need special delivery services or accommodations? At On Track Freight Systems, we go the extra distance for you. If you have any type of extra or specific services, simply let us know. We offer

On-Track New York and New Jersey Metro Delivery Area

We have strategically situated two centrally-located terminals in Deer Park, Long Island and Woodbridge, New Jersey. Through our robust over-the-road transportation network, we are able to offer highly competitive rates throughout the Metro New York and New Jersey area. Our geographic service area includes:

Economic LTL Shipping Across the U.S.

On Track Freight Systems is a local Long Island trucking company serving New York and New Jersey with a coast-to-coast, national footprint. We’ve forged relationships with multiple national trucking partners to provide you with the seamless solutions you need. This way, we can be your one-stop trucking and logistics partner.

Through our exclusive, long-term partnerships, we offer expedited LTL service to California, Texas, Florida, and the Midwest and beyond. Our ability to partner with regional, industry-leading organizations is a testament of our commitment to meeting your needs — no matter where they take us. Best of all, you’ll enjoy a single point of contact from On Track and the world-class customer service you’ve come to expect. 

Benefits of LTL Shipping with On Track Freight Systems

If you’re looking to ship cargo or commercial freight, On Track Freight Systems will meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations. As the leading provider in the New York and New Jersey Metro areas, we’ve proudly been helping businesses grow and thrive since 1991. And when you partner with us for LTL shipping, you’ll enjoy the following key benefits:

  1. Cost reduction. Shipping LTL is often more economical because you’ll only pay for the part of the trailer your freight occupies. The remainder of the cost will be covered by the other occupants of the space. 
  2. Fast next-day delivery on NY and NJ metro area shipments. If you need to send or receive a shipment fast in the metro area, On Track will have it to you on the next day.
  3. Flexibility. At On Track, we offer a full array of special services like inside pickup or delivery, liftgates, and more. We have the skill, expertise, and equipment to meet your needs at every turn.
  4. Easier, real-time tracking. When you ship LTL with On Track, we’ll make it easier for you to track your shipment, which can simplify planning and streamline manufacturing workflows. 
  5. Gain efficiency. Instead of having to stockpile several products at a time, LTL shipping with On Track reduces your warehousing requirements and creates savings. 
  6. Highly competitive shipping rates. Typically, the best rates are reserved for the biggest shippers. However, when you use LTL shipping through On Track, even the smallest companies can enjoy highly-competitive shipping rates.

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