Out of State? How to Navigate a New York Freight Pickup

Sometimes it can feel daunting to have a shipment ready that needs picking up and transporting when it is not in your immediate vicinity. Especially so when it is hundreds or even thousands of miles away. For shippers outside of the area, navigating a New York freight pickup can seem especially daunting due to inherent challenges with inner city pickups and, sometimes, due to the type of freight.

If you are not in the New York area and unfamiliar with local carriers, who do you call? How can you ensure that your pickup will happen on time and be worry-free?

In this article we’ll share some of the tips we have for handling a New York freight pickup, regardless of what freight you need to pick up and where it is located.

Urgent New York Freight Pickups

It is not uncommon for shippers to have an urgent pickup request. Common reasons include:

In these instances, it is possible to schedule an expedited New York freight pickup as long as the freight is completely prepared and packaged for transport and the pickup location is attended.

Whether LTL or FTL, same-day and next day freight pickups are possible. 

What to consider when scheduling your New York freight pickup

Will liftgate service be needed?

First, where is the freight located? Is it in a location that can accommodate a truck backing up to a raised dock for easy loading or is pickup out on the street where a liftgate would be required? Remember that many carriers will require that the shipper load the truck themselves so, if a liftgate is needed, be sure to mention that when speaking with a freight carrier.


Next, think about the size of your shipment. If you have a full truckload of freight all going to one destination, then FTL is for you. If, however, you have less than half a truckload of freight or, if your freight needs to be delivered to more than one destination, LTL may be the correct choice.

Learn more about how to choose between LTL or FTL shipping for your freight.

When do you need the New York freight pickup to take place?

Most pickups are scheduled for regular business hours which is typically between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

If the pickup is urgent or if there are circumstances that require either an after hours or weekend pickup, be sure to mention that to the freight carrier. Many carriers will accommodate after hours and weekend pickups but there is typically an additional cost associated with that service.

If you do require after hours or weekend pickup for your freight, be sure to have someone available to transfer the freight to the freight carrier driver when they arrive for pickup. Also be sure to have your freight completely packaged and ready to go with all the appropriate freight shipping documents.

Consideration for the driver’s time is important since they are providing an extra service when they might otherwise have some much desired down time!  

How to prepare for your speciality New York freight pickup

While carriers are able to pick up many different types of freight including boxed and palletized freight, container freight, and unpalletized freight, some freight requires specialized service.

Specialty freight typically has time-sensitivity to it, requiring immediate pickup upon freight packaging and speedy delivery to its one or more destination points. Some examples of specialty freight include:

Pharmaceutical freight and nutraceutical freight are some of the most sensitive freight items requiring warehouse and transportation conditions that meet FDA regulations for product handling. If your New York freight pickup is for pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals, be sure to arrange for a shipper that has experience shipping pharmaceutical products

Regardless of the type of freight you have for pickup, choosing an experienced New York freight carrier will ensure that your out-of-state pickup goes as smoothly as possible! 

Delivering your New York freight pickup

Naturally, the other side of the pickup is the delivery. For out-of-state requests, many deliveries are made direct to the intended destination, which may also be in the New York area, or they may be regional or nationwide.

Regardless of LTL or FTL shipments, common delivery points are transfers to:

Intermodal freight delivery

Intermodal rail shipments are growing in volume due to the speed and cost-effectiveness of rail. (Learn the 7 benefits of intermodal rail shipping). Your LTL and FTL freight is easily transferable to rail.

Port delivery

New York and New Jersey have some of the largest ports in the US. New York freight pickups are commonly delivered to the New Jersey Container Freight Station for overseas transport.

Cross-docking facilities

Freight pickups that need to be broken down into smaller shipments for various destinations may be taken to a cross-docking terminal. Cross-docking terminals specialize in the rapid transfer of freight from one truck to another. If your New York freight pickup ultimately needs to arrive at multiple destinations, starting with an FTL pickup that is delivered to a cross-docking facility will be faster and reduce the headache of having to schedule multiple trucks to one pickup location in New York.

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