Introducing TriMet Connect: Your Next Day Pool Distribution Champion for Philly-NJ-NY

Streamlined solutions. Transparent pricing. Real-time tracking.

What is TriMet Connect?

Experience the efficiency of sending a full truckload and leaving the multifaceted distribution to the cities of Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York to us. With TriMet Connect, your parcels are guaranteed to reach their destinations the next day.

Advantages of Partnering with TriMet Connect

Experience the Clarity of Flat Rate Pallet Shipping:

Flat Pallet Rate Criteria:

Our model caters to standard pallet dimensions up to 1800 pounds. The customary dimensions are 48” L x 40” W x 72” H. Pallets exceeding this threshold may come with additional charges.


“TriMet Connect has completely overhauled our delivery system. The flat rate pallet shipping is a game-changer!”

– Paul H.

“With real-time tracking and no-hidden-fees pricing, our delivery processes have never felt more empowered. Kudos to TriMet Connect!”

– Brian A.

Step into the Future of Northeast Distribution with TriMet Connect

Eager to revamp your distribution strategy, savor transparent costs, and utilize unmatched tracking systems? Our expert team awaits your call.