Cash in on These Enticing Benefits of LTL Shipping with On Track

Whether you’re shipping goods in New York, New Jersey, or anywhere else in the U.S., the benefits of shipping via LTL can significantly impact your bottom line. Less than truckload (LTL) service is a highly-effective method of moving freight that weighs anywhere from 100 to 10,000 pounds. Most importantly, LTL service doesn’t fill the entire truck — as the name suggests. 

At OnTrack Freight Systems, we offer fast, next-day, and affordable LTL service throughout the New York and New Jersey metro area. We offer fast pickups and a host of other solutions to help you manage your shipments with the highest level of certainty. 

And when you choose to ship with OnTrack, you’ll enjoy all of the following benefits of LTL service. Let’s take a closer look at the key benefits of shipping via LTL, and don’t hesitate to reach out to OnTrack today to learn more. 

Cost Is a Key Benefit of LTL Service

Cost is the primary benefit of LTL service. Costs are minimized because you are only paying for the space that you need for your goods. Because shipments from multiple businesses are combined in one truckload, the cost is split between those businesses based on the percentage of the load that is being shipped. 

This is based on the weight of the goods and the volume of the space that it will take up on the trailer. And, it is more economical than parcel shipping because it requires less handling. If you’re looking to create savings, partnering with OnTrack Freight Systems for LTL service can make a noticeable impact on your bottom line. 

LTL Service Lessens the Environmental Impact

Being able to reduce carbon emissions is important to many companies. By using LTL freight options, you are reducing carbon emissions by reducing the number of trucks on the road. This reduction is due to the fact that trailers are being filled to capacity, rather than moving half-empty.

LTL Service Reduces Risk 

For smaller loads, it makes sense to compare the risks of parcel delivery versus LTL service. Although FTL might be the most secure, LTL is far superior to parcel delivery for smaller loads. This is because your business is in charge of palletizing and containing your goods.

Because you are in charge of how your goods are packed and moved as a unit, it minimizes the chances of loss or damage because of the pallet or container you have created. Pallets and/or crates protect your shipment from general wear and tear from handling and contact with other freight in the trailer.

LTL Opens the Door to More Servicing Options 

Because LTL shipments are smaller, you’ll enjoy access to a myriad of different servicing options to meet your unique needs. Some of the most common LTL servicing options offered at OnTrack Freight Systems include:

  • Inside delivery 
  • Liftgate service 
  • Notifications
  • Special handling
  • Residential deliveries
  • And more upon request. Please speak to your account representative for pricing. 

Enjoy Fast, Next-Day LTL Shipping Delivery

When you need your shipment quickly delivered, OnTrack’s next-day LTL service will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We have strategically situated two centrally-located terminals in Woodbridge, New Jersey and Deer Park, Long Island. Thanks to our robust network we are able to offer next-day LTL service throughout the New York and New Jersey metro area. Our next-day LTL service area includes:

  • Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island
    • Zip Codes 110-119
  • The Bronx, Staten Island, Rockland and Westchester
    • Zip Codes 103-109
  • Manhattan
    • Zip Codes 100-102
  • NJ – All points in New Jersey
    • Zip Codes  070-079, 080-089

Improve Customer Satisfaction with LTL Service

No matter your industry or segment, everyone loves fast transit times. And by partnering with OnTrack Freight Systems for LTL service, you can improve customer satisfaction via next-day delivery. In addition, our highly trained and skilled team members boast the highest level of pride in our customer service. You can even offer you customers any of the previously mentioned shipping services to further improve satisfaction with your business. 

Ease of Tracking

LTL shipments are easy to track, simplifying planning for all aspects of the transportation process from receiving shipments, inventory levels, and manufacturing workflows. Real-time tracking is available, and you will receive in-transit updates for pickups, deliveries, and notifications for any delays encountered during processing.

Reduce Warehousing Costs with Utilizing LTL Services

Another cost-saving benefit of shipping via LTL is the ability to reduce warehousing costs. Because you can send more shipments via LTL, you can reduce the need of stockpiling inventory or products at a single time. In doing so, you can reduce your warehousing requirements to create extra savings for the business. 

Choosing Between Utilizing LTL vs FTL?

While there are a host of benefits of shipping via LTL, this option may not be the best solution for all of your shipments. When you need larger, full-truckload shipping solutions, the team at OnTrack Freight Systems has your needs covered. We will work closely with you to uncover your unique needs and guide you to the best solution. 

  • Budgetary concerns
  • The size of your shipment
  • Palletization and consolidation of your shipment
  • Availability of personnel to both load and unload the shipment
  • Cargo sensitivity

Contact OnTrack Freight Systems 

At OnTrack Freight Systems, we are your one-stop logistics partner. You’ll have access to next-day delivery for your commercial or industrial products. We offer fully customizable solutions from shipping one-pallet via LTL to full truckload options. Regardless of the when, where, and why, OnTrack Freight Systems will meet your needs and exceed your expectations at every turn.

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