How to Choose the Best LTL Shipping Company in New York?

As a business owner, you work hard to meet the needs of your clients and grow your business. However, it’s impossible for you to be everywhere all the time, which is why it’s so important to partner with the best LTL shipping company in New York. And simply put, not all LTL freight trucking companies in New York or those who service New York are created equally.

As such, it’s important for you to know what to look for in an LTL carrier. To help you along the journey, we’ve outlined our top must-have attributes in choosing a New York LTL freight shipping transportation company. 

Look for a New York LTL Freight Shipping Company or Regional LTL Carriers with Next Day Service

New York City is one of the most densely populated municipalities in the US. And the New Jersey Metro area isn’t far behind. Because these centers are bustling and thriving business communities, you set your business apart with fast, next-day New York and New Jersey delivery when you ship LTL freight. 

As such, you should look for an LTL shipping company that offers next-day delivery throughout the New York and New Jersey areas. At On Track Freight Systems, we are a leading LTL freight shipping and full truckload freight carrier that confidently checks this box. We offer same-day pickups whenever you call our customer service department. 

Then, your less than truckload (LTL) freight will be delivered to your customer the following day. While Amazon is notorious for lightning-fast two-day shipping, sometimes you need it faster than that. And when you do, you need New York’s best LTL shipping company. 

The Best LTL Shipping Companies Have an Excellent Professional Track Record 

While you may only think of the LTL freight shipping company you choose as a vendor, they are and should be much more. Instead, your LTL shipment company should function more like an extended arm of your business. In many instances, the LTL freight shipping carrier you choose will interact face-to-face with your customers more often than you do.

As such, it’s imperative LTL carriers provide the customer service and professionalism your customers have come to expect. Simply put, when choosing an LTL shipping company in New York, make sure the provider has a consistent track record of professionalism. 

The Top LTL Freight Shipping Companies in New York Have Tenure

Simply put, anyone can grab a truck and say they can move LTL freight. However, only the best and most customer-centric LTL shipping companies can stand the test of time. Because of this, always ask a potential LTL shipping partner about their longevity in the industry. 

One caveat —just because an LTL freight shipping company lacks decades of tenure doesn’t mean they aren’t credible. New LTL freight carriers pop up all the time. If a trucking company only has a few years of tenure shipping LTL freight, you should definitely do more research before ruling them in or out.

And just because an LTL carrier has decades of experience doesn’t mean they are the best. In this case, you should do more due diligence. 

The LTL Shipping Company Should Have Testimonials and Referrals

While the tenure of the LTL freight company can be tricky, one way to gain an understanding of the way LTL carriers do business is by their references. When choosing LTL carriers, simply ask to see their customer testimonials.

If an LTL freight trucking company doesn’t have those handily available, they should have customers who are willing to speak on their behalf. And if a carrier shipping LTL freight doesn’t have testimonials or customers willing to speak on their behalf, this should speak volumes. 

Consider the Company’s Less Than Truckload Shipping Service Area

When you’re looking for LTL carriers in NYC and/or New Jersey to deliver freight, it’s imperative to understand their service area. In doing so, you can choose an LTL freight carrier equipped to not only meet your needs for today but tomorrow as well. 

In either case, there are national carriers, regional carriers, and even contract carriers who specialize in micro-regions. A local NYC LTL shipment trucking company can provide you with fast and reliable shipping solutions throughout the NYC metro area.

But if your needs extend beyond the NYC area, the trucking company should have the resources to meet those needs. Because of this, it’s best to choose a local NYC trucking company with a large, national, coast-to-coast footprint.

At the same time, you should ask about the carrier’s additional LTL freight services and accessorials. It’s important to choose an LTL shipping carrier that offers the list of services your business and customers need.

Ask About the LTL Freight Carrier’s Customer Service

Even with the best and most reliable LTL freight transportation company, problems will arise. But when they do, it’s imperative regional or national carriers implement swift problem resolution. More so, you should have the ability to speak to a live person when you need assistance. 

Far too often today, New York and New Jersey LTL transport companies rely on highly-sophisticated interactive voice response (IVR) systems. While these systems have come a long way, sometimes you just need to speak to a live person when you ship LTL freight for fast and swift answers or problem resolution. 

And you should be able to upon request. When you’re looking for an LTL freight company in New York, make sure to ask about how you can contact customer service. You should also make sure to align their preferred method of communication with your needs. 

Contact On Track Freight Systems for Fast Shipping New York

At On Track Freight Systems, we are proud to be the top full truckload and LTL shipping company in the New York area. Since 1991, we have delivered on-time LTL freight shipments for business owners throughout New York, New Jersey, and beyond.

Based out of Long Island, we offer two convenient terminals in Deer Park, Long Island and Woodbridge, New Jersey. Through our robust over-the-road network and distribution centers, are able to ship freight and deliver highly-competitive LTL freight rates throughout the area. 

And when your needs extend beyond the metro area, we have the partnerships and footprint to ensure your delivery is on track. 

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