Top Questions to Ask Your New York Freight Shipping Company

Your New York transportation provider isn’t just a company who moves your goods from Point A to Point B: they are a trusted partner. In most instances, they may be the face your customers associate with your brand.

Because of this, it’s imperative your New York freight shipping company has skill, expertise, and delivers exceptional customer service. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top questions you should ask your New York trucking company.

How Much Will Shipping Cost?

Although shipping costs can vary from carrier to carrier, it’s always a good idea to have a full breakdown of costs. However, if a New York carrier doesn’t offer a free no-obligation quote, they are not worth doing business with. And you should never allow a freight shipping company in New York to provide you with a vague quote. 

Some less-than-reputable carriers in New York tend to charge “hidden” fees on LTL shipments as well as FTL shipments. When you’re requesting a quote from any New York trucking company, you should have a clear itemized list of all charges prior to signing the contract. 

Does the New York Trucking Company Offer Insurance?

When shipping cargo from Point A to Point B, accidents happen. And when those mishaps do happen, it’s imperative your cargo is insured throughout the journey. Even though all New York shipping companies are required to provide mandatory insurance, policies can vary, so it’s important you’re clear on what’s offered and what is covered.

Does the New York Trucking Company offer Liftgate Services?

Not all freight deliveries are made to companies who have a forklift or a loading dock. If your business customer rarely receives large freight shipments, they probably will not want to invest in the infrastructure necessary to unload and load freight. In this common instance, it’s imperative the New York trucking company offers liftgate service

The freight shipping company will use a hydraulic lift called a liftgate that is installed on the rear of the truck. The liftgate is critical for raising cargo off the ground level to the trailer and vice versa. 

In many instances, the liftgate is necessary when the cargo is too heavy to lift. Make sure the New York trucking company you choose offers lift gate service. You should also be clear on the associated accessorial charge — if any.

Does the New York Freight Shipping Company Offer Next Day Delivery? 

It’s vital you are clear on the amount of time your delivery will take. Although your transportation provider may not be able to give you an exact time, you should have clear expectations. For example, if you know your client expects to receive the freight the following day, the carrier should be able to meet your next-day delivery needs and expectations. 

You can ask about the carrier’s infrastructure and whether it’s designed to reliably offer next-day cargo deliveries. And if a New York carrier is unable to meet your needs, it’s best to find one who will. 

Does the New York Trucking Company Offer Inside Delivery to Residences and/or Businesses?

Inside delivery is a convenient service that can be very helpful when loading docks are not available at the delivery site. Contrary to what the name suggests, inside residential delivery involves the carrier moving the pallet to the garage, driveway, or porch. 

Most carriers prohibit the delivery of freight on the inside of homes. With inside delivery to businesses, the shipment will be left inside the door of the business. In most instances, the carrier will take the freight delivery a few feet inside of the main entrance. 

If it needs to be carried further inside of the building, up an elevator, or up a staircase, additional charges may apply. In either case, not all New York trucking carriers offer this service. And if a carrier does offer it, make sure you’re aware of any associated fees or accessorial charges. 

Am I Choosing the Most Economical Shipping Method?

When you choose a transportation provider in New York, the relationship is a partnership. They are essentially an extended arm of your business. Because of this, the lines of communication should remain open and flow both ways. 

Just as with any other line of your business, it’s important to continually search for more efficient ways of doing business, and this includes the trucking company you use. You should feel comfortable asking your New York trucking company if there are more efficient ways of shipping your products. Doing so can only further deepen the relationship and may even render immediate savings. 

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