What Is Full Truckload Shipping (FTL) & Should I Choose It?

Are you looking to learn more about “What is full truckload (FTL) service” and related FTL FAQs? If so, the team at On Track Freight Systems offer decades of experience moving FTL commercial and industrial cargo throughout the state, region, and U.S. 

Since 1991, On Track Freight Systems has been the premier logistics and trucking provider across an array of industries. We specialize in fast, affordable, and reliable FTL deliveries in the New York and New Jersey metro area. 

Need FTL service across the United States? The team at On Track has forged several valuable relationships with leading carriers. We’ll manage the process from start to end and help ensure your shipment arrives on time! Let’s take a closer look at FAQs like “What is FTL service”. 

What Is FTL Service?

The three-letter acronym FTL is an abbreviation for full truckload. As the moniker suggests, full truckload service refers to a shipping mode where you have sufficient cargo to occupy the entire volume of a trailer. 

At the same time, you can utilize FTL service if your cargo occupies less than a full trailer, but you prefer it to have exclusive use of the trailer. In either case, FTL involves a trailer carrying a dedicated shipment. That means the entire journey or truckload is reserved for only one shipment — yours. As logic would suggest, FTL service results in faster delivery due to the reduced number of stops. 

What Are the Key Benefits of FTL Service? 

Compared to other shipping methods, FTL is not only suitable for moving large shipments. FTL service is a highly-attractive and viable mode of cargo transportation due to the range of benefits it offers the shipper. 

Gain Efficiencies for Large Shipments

Using FTL service can be much more cost effective for large shipments. Instead of having to schedule several smaller shipments, one large FTL trip can result in significant cost and time savings for the shipper. At the same time, FTL can play well for shippers who are not looking to split up their shipment. 

FTL Offers Safety Benefits 

Another key benefit of FTL is the inherent safety that results from less package handling. Once the truck has been loaded, there is no handling of the goods until it arrives at the final destination. The safety gains are not only in terms of preventing damaged goods, but FTL can also reduce the likelihood of theft or total loss because there are no other stop offs that may lead to unwarranted offloading of your freight.

FTL Boasts Exceptional Speed 

While many companies choose FTL service for full truckloads, businesses who need smaller trailers of cargo delivered quicker can turn to this mode. This is because once the loaded truck leaves its origin, there are no other stop offs until it reaches the end user. This direct, point-to-point protocol results in exceptionally faster delivery speeds.

Why Choose On Track Freight Systems for FTL Service?

At On Track Freight Systems, we offer fast, affordable FTL service for virtually all types of goods, cargo, and freight. Whether you need FTL in New York, New Jersey, or efficient shipping across the country, the On Track Team offers the experience, expertise, and resources to exceed your expectations. A few of the top reasons you should choose On Track Freight Systems for FTL service are listed below.

Get Faster, More Affordable FTL Service with On Track

When you need FTL cargo shipped fast and reliably, trust the team at On Track Freight Systems. We have two strategically located terminals in Long Island and New Jersey. These ideal locations allow us to provide highly-competitive rates on FTL deliveries within our coverage area. This area includes:

  • Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island
    • Zip Codes 110-119
  • The Bronx, Staten Island, Rockland and Westchester
    • Zip Codes 103-109
  • Manhattan
    • Zip Codes 100-102
  • NJ – All points in New Jersey
    • Zip Codes  070-079, 080-089

Communication Is Key

Shipping FTL requires a range of factors and moving parts. And we have learned that communication is key to a successful process. Whether we’re taking the load or it’s being shipped with one of our partners, we have perfected the art of real-time communication. With On Track at the helm, we’ll coordinate all communications in a seamless manner from pickup to delivery. 

Customized Full Truckload Shipping Solutions

Your FTL shipping needs are as diverse as your employees and clients you serve. Because of this, we offer fully-customized FTL solutions. We work to ensure that each client or the type of goods being transported is cared for accordingly. To achieve this goal, we offer a range of tailored solutions. 

Avoid Weight and Size Requirements

When you ship FTL with On Track, you won’t have to worry about any weight or size restrictions based upon state and federal regulations. You will not have to worry if your cargo conforms to requirements because your delivery will occupy the entire trailer. This component can save you time by preventing you from having to work out measurements and weight or researching carriers to find the most competitive pricing. 

Contact On Track Freight Systems for the Best FTL Service 

At On Track Freight Systems, we offer fast, reliable, and cost-efficient FTL shipping solutions throughout the New York and New Jersey metro area. We also offer full truckload service across the United States through our coast-to-coast, national network of partners. In either case, you’ll enjoy the seamless, FTL shipping coverage you deserve.

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